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Bayside Financial Group began its journey in the mid 80’s when hair was big and clothes were bold and bright to match. Suffice to say, we’ve come a long way from those days! What hasn’t changed though, is the enthusiasm we have for helping people secure their financial wellbeing. Having been around for so long we’ve seen some of the best and worst of what life can dish up and we’ve seen how preparing our clients financially can alleviate the stress associated with many of life’s moments; good and bad.

Alongside us throughout this journey has been our partnership with AMP Financial Planning allowing us, and by extension our clients, to leverage the expertise in research and innovation of one of Australia’s largest financial services organisations. With access to such intelligence we have even greater scope to provide you with more personalised advice, and importantly, giving you more options when dealing with one of ‘life’s important moments’.

Why do you need a financial planner and why Bayside Financial Group?

In the midst of handling our everyday tasks, we all face important moments when bigger financial questions arise. They’re not always predictable or easy but it’s how you plan for them that’s important.

At pivotal moments like these, the right advice is essential. That’s why you need a financial planner and where Bayside Financial Group can help you.

Bayside Financial Group is a very connected, engaged team who work to provide you with the most rewarding and effective client experience possible. We believe that the consistency of how we treat our clients and the service we deliver lay at the very heart of who we are: respectful, collaborative, professional. Respectful of each other, our clients and of what we aim to do. Collaborative by forming partnerships with our clients and the way we work together to achieve the greatest outcomes. Professional by ensuring that we maintain the highest industry standards and ethics as well as an ever evolving ‘service’ centre of excellence driving our client service.

It’s not just the outcome we’re interested in…. it’s your why!  What are your important moments?  The ones that get you up in the morning or keep you up at night?  We can help you plan for those or deal with the ‘right now’ ones right now.  Whatever your moment is we’ll set you on the right path and work with you to keep you there.

We’ve been helping our clients to prepare for all kinds of ‘life’s important moments’ for over 25 years, and we’ve pretty much seen it all.  The world we live in is changing quicker than ever with new technologies, complex regulations, diverse lifestyle choices and a universal lack of time all combining to create a complicated environment to understand and navigate.

We can help by making it easy for you.  Understanding the financial planning landscape and making it clear and simple is what we do.